Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Hours when the cemetery is open to visitors are posted on the Cemetery gates. Generally they are from 8:00 A.M. to Sunset. Foundations will be installed subject to the rules and regulations of the Cemetery.

The following are expressly forbidden

  1. Planting of any kind except by Cemetery personnel.
  2. Pots or containers dug into the ground.
  3. Glass or unsightly containers, balloons, pinwheels, bric–a–brac.
  4. Cutting of grass with lawn mower by individual plot owners.
  5. Driving or Parking on the grass.
  6. The placing of artificial flowers on plots between March 2nd and October 31st.
  7. Blankets as a winter grave cover.

General Reminders on the use of the Cemetery

  1. Neglected flowers or containers will be removed.
  2. Numerous pots or containers on a grave or lot lends to cluttered appearance. One container per grave or plot is suggested.
  3. The cemetery often has a supply of pots, boxes, and fresh flower containers on hand. Subject to availability, there is no charge to lot owners.
  4. On March 1st and November 1st there is a general clean up of all decorations left on graves at that time.

We ask for your whole hearted cooperation to maintain
the cemetery as a beautiful spot for all plot owners.
Thank you, the Board of Directors.